James Hetfield en AOL, abril de 1997

Esta es la segunda entrevista que James Hetfield concedió a sus fans en un chat on-line en AOL, abierto al público en general. La primera fue exclusiva para miembros del Club de Fans de Metallica.

Hey James, What's your favorite Metallica song?
I 'd have to say the Thing That Should Not Be From Master of Puppets

What advice would you give a guitar player in high school who wants be just like you
Stop now while you can... Joke. Serious answer would be.. Play along with the music you like listening to That's what How I started

I have been told that you may put off the release of your next album. Is this true? Do you have a name for the album yet? If so, what?
No name yet, the songs are already written. just need to finish the recording of them over the summer with the release planned before Christmas of 97

Hey Jaymz, What's Your Favorite MetallicA Song?
we answered that one

James, are you guyz gonna release another box set or live video? I>heard a rumor about this.
There are plans to film one of the shows this spring but no plans on what we will do with it yet

Dear Jaymz what gauge and model do you use of Ernie Ball Strings?
10 gage / steel

Will the club please start taking FAN CAN '98 orders now so we canhave them for christmas please?
Ha ha.. whatever money you want to send us , don't expect back haha Seriously.. the 97 Fancan will be out before the 98 one

Jaymz I wanna get a tattoo of the new logo or the scary guy, and I need to know your opinion on this?
If it is not a rub on tattoo, you had better reallt think about it you may think we suck next year

how did metallica form?
out of sheer boredom at work what guitar player infuenced you the most?
Tony Iommi

James, Do you forsee any other Metallica albums coming out after the release of "Load2"?
I can't think that far ahead.. we concentrate on one album at a time

Why did you change your style of music? To be more specific, why did you change from the

heavy metal style to more of a alternative style?
We write Metallica songs, we don't follow what is popular. Thanks for letting me know that we are an alternATIVE band

The video for "Until it Sleeps" is reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch Renaissance artist Heironymus Bosch. Did Bosch's work provide inspiration for the video?

I heard a rumor that another band member is getting married? is this true and if so please tell me its not you!!
why what's wrong with me? no plans that i have heard of

Any new Covers on the B sides of singles(Breadfan,So What etc...)
the full version of OUtlaw Torn should be on one we are still arguing over what bands to cover

did you enjoy boston as much as boston enjoyed having you at the fleet center?
the best concert of my life... again ha ha.. the place did sound vry good

are you guyz gonna re release garage days revisited
we have heard that question plenty of times and yes eventually , it will resurface so join the Fan Club now...

Jaymz are we gonna get another Phoenix date? Hell man I'll drive to Tucson to see you

Tucson is a possible next summer of 98

I know the new album is nearly done, but after its release man are we gonna have to wait

another 5 years man? Please dont stay away that long man!
no, man, not another 5 years AOLiveMC5: That's good to know
none of us can wait that long again

Who'se idea was it for the explosive ending of the concert. I caught the show in Las

Cruces,NM with Korn
did we fool you? it was a collaborative effort of us all

James, to what do you attribute Metallica's longevity over other bands that formed

aorund the same time, ie Metal Church, Anthrax, etc.?
haircuts ha ha. seriously. our connections with the fans ( join the club ha ha) and our our "sibling rivalary" keepig each other ibn check

Aren't you EVER gonna get tired of being on the road? It seems like you've toured for

like 8 years straight!
FOR INFORMATION ON JOINING THE METALLICA CLUB, E-MAIL metallica has always been a live band that is how we got our intitial fans and it is the funnest part of being in a band OnlineHost: for info on Metallica fan club E-mail your full name and postal address to Met Club

Hey James! Rumor has it the Mustaine might play the keyboards for metallica is that so?
If he is lucky. we are looking for a washboard player though

What do you think of the music scene now? Will it have an efect on your later recordings?
We don't pay attention to what go on around us too much except when pyrotechnics go off AOLiveMC5: Here's one from a fan wishing for recognition tomorrow night:

Will you play creeping death tommorw night in nashville im going and could you dedicate

it too Josh West
I am not good at dedications, but we will be playing Creping Death.. just for you and everyone else

do you and the band feel obligated to play any songs in particular at your shows?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome concerts
Creeping Death haha. there are some songs we feel we must play for ourselves like Fade to Black

Why not printed lyrics inside Load? Are the ones found on the internet totally accurate?
no they are not.. join the club to get the real ones AOLiveMC5: LOL

Whatever happened to the white Flying V that some of your older fans remember so well?
It is in a few pieces in my closet

do members of metallica do musical projects outside the band? like solo work or other

stuff on tha side?
personally, i have no time for that all my time is spent concetrating on metallica Jason will jam with anyone

I was wondering if you ever kept in touch with Mike Burgess the motherload contest

winner & if a video will ever be released of the show at the pub. Also, did he really get to

keep all that equippment?!?!
It just so happens that there footage of that and MORE in the 97 Fan Can 2

James-Hi, I had Tickets And backstage passes to your show in Buffalo 0n the 25th of

march-why is it that You, Kirk, And Lars don't come back after the show (backstage)?
someone has to load to trucks

I play the guitar in a band, how do you keep the band from killing each other during

we don't practice

James, what was your life like as a kid?

How old were you when you got in your first band?
15 Obsession was my first band

how long did it take you to learn how to play the guitar?
still learning but constant practice after school with buddies the compettion helped push me

The early Metallica songs featured a lot of Lovecraftian influences...was that from

yes he was into the Lovecraft mythos and introduced Kirk and I to it AOLiveMC5: And our last question for the evening

I am waiting for it!