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This is my small corner on the MIRACLE STUDIOS Website. Here you can found pages about anything I like, and many links for the best sites related to each of them.

These are my sections :

The music group that I like most is Metallica . I think they're the best group over the face of the world, and I don't accept the criticisms on them. Many are the opinions of people who think that Metallica are not the same as before, now they move for bussiness, the last album is not worthy at all. In my opinion, these people get tired of good music too fast; you only have to take a look to the other groups they do like. Leave Metallica for one of these are signal of very little knowledge and much more fashion.
The life of Metallica has suffered from much maturing and inquiry for new styles, that's undeniable. But the sound that comes out of Metallica instruments remains as good as the one of ever. They always have been on the top, so we only can admit that they have been the most important band which has had an influence on the History of Metal, the one which has pulled out these gender from the garages and has raised it to the top.

If you want more information, generally speaking, from this group I recommend you the official Web Site of the Metallica Fan Club, at .

If what you like most is Star Wars and its world, you only have to follow me ... STAR WARS .

Also I have a passion for the Role Playing Games, as well as Literature based on Medieval Fiction (mostly). I don't have much more to tell you, but I prepared a small page related to The Lord Of The Rings , with some pictures and links.
Shortly I'll put some chapters dedicated to RPGs, but for now you have to conform to what's already here. Anyway, if you want to tell me something or exchange information, you only have to e-mail me. The address is below.

If you want a page with info about IRC, programming, music and many more things, take a look to Aitor's personal page.

RUBEN personal page:

They both study with me at the UAM University; we're studying Computer Engineering there.

This page is under construction.

I you want to e-mail or get into touch with me, don't hesitate and write to

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